Goals for 2017

Considering we’re over halfway through January, it would now would be an appropriate time for me to write down what I want to accomplish in 2017.


My goals for this year:

  • Blog more – Blogging as been something that I’ve never been able to maintain a steady rhythm or schedule. Historically I’ve blogged when I’ve run into something interesting or when I was paid to do (ha! but really…). I planned on doing this in 2016 but it took a backseat to my VCDX pursuit. This year, I plan to blog more frequently!
  • Be more community involved – This is another item that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile but was prioritized last while in pursuit of other things. I plan to be more proactive and involved in the virtualization community. I hope to speak at my local (Los Angeles) VMUG. I was selected as a delegate for Tech Field Day in February so I’m looking forward to that! Additionally, I’ll be co-hosting and being a more active participant in vBrownbag. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even start my own podcast.
  • Second VCDX – I achieved VCDX-DCV last year, an accomplishment for sure. However, a majority of my work for the last 18 months has been around Horizon View. Because of this, I’m looking to pursue my VCDX-DTM in 2017.
  • Learn more about the NPX program – The design that I am in the midst of writing for VCDX-DTM is Nutanix based. I would like to find out more information regarding the NPX process, perhaps even attend an NPX bootcamp.
  • Be more proficient with AHV – This goes with the point above. I’m working more and more with Nutanix therefore I would like to skill up and become more proficient with Nutanix and AHV.
  • Learn AWS – I purchased AWS training spur of the moment because of a Black Friday deal I found online. I’d like to keep studying AWS and pursue the Solutions Architect certifications.
  • Speak at a conference – I’ve applied numerous times to speak at VMworld and have been rejected. This year I’d like to branch out and apply to a few different conferences and hopefully earn a speaker spot.
  • Find better work/life balance – This is my dark horse goal. I tend to bury myself in work and am constantly on the road. Additionally I’m going back to university so that’s made having a personal life even more difficult.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, my goals for 2017. I’ll do a recap at the end of the year to see how much I managed to accomplish.

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