Renaming Virtual Machines

Something I run into fairly often is needing to rename the virtual machines files out on the datastore to match how the virtual machine is named in the vCenter inventory. This problem occurs when a user creates a virtual machine, for example “vm-01,” and then realizes that this name doesn’t meet some kind of standard in their organization. So what happens is that the user then right clicks the “vm-01” and selects rename. Say that the user renames it “dc01-austin.” Now when you are looking for the virtual machine, in the inventory it will be referred to as “dc01-austin” but when you look on the datastore it is in the “vm-01” director and the files are name “vm-01.***” In many environments this would fail some kind of annual or biannual audit.

Check out this KB from VMware on several ways to resolve this naming issue.

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