Cannot enable VUM plug-in

On a recent deployment, after installing VMware vSphere Update Manager (vSphere 5.1) an issue occurred when attempting to enable the VUM plug-in. The error received was, “There was an error connecting to VMware vSphere Update Manager [IP Address: 443]. Database temporarily unavailable or has network problems.”
I went through and verified that the DSN was configured as 32 bit and the database information was entered correctly.
I still couldn’t enable the plug-in, after some more troubleshooting I found a resolution. I configured the VUM service to use a service account.
Go to the server that Update Manager was installed on:
– Start > Run > services.msc
– Scroll down to the “VMware vSphere Update Manger Service,” right click the service and select properties.
– Go to the Log On tab and specify a domain account with database login permissions. (Don’t use local system.)
Reference: VMware KB 1015223

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